Entrees & Starters

With a light sprinkle of melted parmesan
                                                                                          Add Bacon  $2.50

Oven baked and great to share...

Loaded with Bolognaise  + $5.95

Loaded with Bacon, Caramelised Onion and Melted Cheese  + $5.95

Cooked to perfection and served wtih sweet chilli and sour cream

Diamond cut and lightly battered

Flash fried with lemon pepper & served with chips & salad


Whole oven baked camembert cheese, drizzled with honey and crushed walnuts and served with toasted Turkish bread


Caramelised onion, roasted mushrooms and melted cheese quesadilla                                                                     
                                                      Add Chicken  + $4.50


Pizza, Pastas & Salads

Our version of this classic will not disappoint
                                                                                       Add Chicken  $4.50


Al dente pasta with our homemade specialty bolognaise sauce

Crispy cos lettuce with smokey bacon, croutons, shaved parmesan and a poached egg.
                                                                                        add chicken  $4.50
                                                                                        add prawns  $9.95

Tossed with mixed lettuce, noodles and a Thai dressing.

With a light soy and sesame dressing.
                                                                                        add chicken  $4.50

Barbecued chicken pieces, rashers of smokey bacon, onion and melted cheese on our special bbq sauce base.

A mix of grilled eggplant, capsicum, tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms & feta with melted cheese, on a tomato napolitano sauce base.

Sliced pepperoni, mixed herbs and melted cheese on a tomato napolitano sauce base.


Traditional Pub Fare

Tomato, basil and garlic sausages on creamy mash with lashings of gravy.

Our famous ground beef rissoles with mash & gravy.

Couldn't leave this one off the menu. Just too popular...

This classic speaks for itself.

Grandad's favourite, lightly crumbed with bacon gravy.

6 pieces of lightly crumbed whiting with tartare sauce and lemon.

Warning: Only order if hungry.


Main Fare

Cooked long & slow and served with Nic's special bbq sauce.

Sauces / Toppers:

Mushroom, Pepper or Dianne  $2.50

Caramelised Onion Gravy  $2.95

Lemon Peppered Calamari (6)  $6.95

Creamy Prawn and Calamari (GF) $7.95

Deep Fried Onion Rings (6)  $3.95

Tender chicken, oven baked with a dijonaise and parmesan crust.

Marinated in an Asian sauce and oven baked.

Come to the Irish for some R & R.

Slowly cooked in our special sauce on a bed of creamy mash.

Pan fried in lemon butter. Ask staff for details.

All mains and pub fare are served with your choice of chips and salad or vegetables and mash and gravy.

Gluten free bread, pasta or gravy   +$2.90


Kids Meals

All $10.95

Available for children 12 years and under and includes a free soft drink and ice cream.

Crumbed Fish (4) & Chips
Chicken Nuggets (6) & Chips
BBQ Chicken & Bacon Pizza & Chips
Fettuccine Bolognaise

Please note that chips can be exchanged for salad or vegetables


On a toasted bun with a mustard relish.

A veggie pattie, mango chutney and all the trimmings on a toasted Turkish bun.
                                                            add oven fried field mushroom  $2.50

Our classic sandwich speaks for itself.

An Irish favourite: chicken, bacon, parmesan and sweet chilli, constructed on 3 pieces of bread.

A lighter steak for lunch, with mash & veg / salad & chips.

Chicken parmigiana, lettuce, tomato on a toasted Turkish bun.

Grilled chicken, bacon, parmesan, shredded cos and caesar dressing in a lightly toasted tortilla.

For those that missed breakfast, served with toasted Turkish bread & grilled tomato.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Add Banger $4.95                                                               Add Fried Onion Rings  $3.95


Tomato & Cheese (V)  $6.95
Ham, Tomato & Cheese  $8.95
Chicken, Tomato & Cheese $10.95
Add Chips  $2.00





All served with Cream and Ice-cream 

Homemade with a Butterscotch Sauce. 

The Irish's own Waffles with a choice of Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Butterscotch Sauce or mixed Berry Coulis.

Choose from chocolate, strawberry, caramel or lime toppings.



Cup - $3.50    Mug - $4.00

Cup - $3.20    Mug - $3.60

Cup - $3.00    Mug - $3.50

ask our friendly staff about today's selection

pot - $3.50   pot to share - $5.00

Liqueur Coffees

All $9.50

Served latte-style with whipped cream