Jim Coburn Bar

The main bar of the Hotel, where all the action happens.

The hotel is regularly in the top 10 bars for Guinness sales in Australia. Jim used to say the Guinness here is just as good as the Guinness back home in Ireland.  The 100 pint club is a popular club to join for those who want their name on the Guinness Board.

Jim Coburn Bistro

The bistro is where we serve up a large selection of great pub food. Our famous Sirloins are often on special and are sourced from our very own Beef City on the outskirts of Toowoomba.  A huge selection of pub favourites including our homemade rissoles, bangers and mash, Beef and Guinness Pie and Lamb Brains all which come with salad and chips or vegetables and mash.  Our steak sandwiches, chicken burgers and pizzas are available for lunch or dinner as with everything on our extensive menu.

Our Bistro is open 7 days for Lunch and Dinner!

Sunday to Thursday 

Lunch 12.00-2.00 and dinner 6.00 to 8.00

Friday and Saturday  

Lunch 12.00-2.00 and Dinner 6.00 to 9.00