Preserve the Moose

Preserve the Moose (aka the Moose) is a three piece guitar based trio based in Toowoomba

Preserve the Moose offers something for every occasion. They are the... ideal choice to satisfy any crowd or any event requiring live entertainm<wbr />ent. The Moose have a unique interpreta<wbr />tion on popular tunes, both old and new. If you’re after a funky night out, singing and dancing to some modern tunes, or if the classic tunes are more to your liking, the Moose mean it when they say they have got something for everyone.

Members of Preserve the Moose have toured extensivel<wbr />y throughout<wbr /> Australia and over seas. Some of the artists they have played for include: James Blundell, Shannon Noll and Richard Clapton. The guys have also played in many high profile function and corporate acts including Remedy, Gotham City Horns, The Wheelers and The Footy Show band.

With this extensive experience<wbr />, Preserve the Moose understand<wbr /> the art of adapting to any given situation to create an atmosphere<wbr /> that captures and unites the audiences,<wbr /> giving a real sense of occasion.